Detlef Zawadzki – International business law in Duesseldorf

Detlef Zawadzki

Detlef Zawadzki – Lawyer for International business law in Dusseldorf

Lawyer for International business law

Telephone: +49 211 976 329-21

Practice Areas
  • International business law
  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • Dispute resolution (Litigation/Arbitration, ADR, beyond-court-/pre-trial-settlements)
  • International civil procedure law
Study: Qualified as German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) Detlef holds in addition a Master of Law degree LL.M. International Business Law with emphasis on contract law and arbitration of the Uinversity of Zurich/Switzerland since 2000.
Foreign languages: German, English

Professional Experience

  • As in a company comparable to a German GmbH a managing director wanted to resign the competent authority insisted on a shareholder resolution. Respecting local standards and customs it was possible to change a legal practice that had existed until then.
  • In the United Arab Emirates counsel in projects such as the corporate reorganization of an US-multinational; the structuring and restructuring of the commercial establishment and trade organization including distribution and marketing of an Italien sports car manufacturer. Advised an investment company in establishing, registering, developing and marketing of finance products.
  • Set-up of companies; sale/buy of company shares/transaction; compensation of shareholders.
  • Contracts e.g. commodities, procurement, machinery and equipment, medical services drafted and negotiated; CISG, Incoterms, Unidroit, Rom I.
  • Complex litigation cases; forum shopping, EuGVVO, HBÜ, LugÜ, EuZVO, EuBVO; pre-trial-discovery, depositions, interrogatories; arbitration; enforcement.
  • In the US exposure to the common-law legal sytem.